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Check out what made an appearance in this week’s issue of Shonen Jump! Jo Jo Bizzare Adventure Phantom Blood! And there is a Hardcover Deluxe print edition coming out February 3, 2015


haha hey

look at this frickin nightmare brat



look at this picture of sakurai

hes practicing for when he meets the leakers


I made some beautiful winged friends on a beautiful day and that’s what I really needed 

i’m calling Journeys cause they’re fucking up my docs order and they are playing literal fuckin christmas music while i’m on hold

fucking shit not only did I get pulled over AGAIN!!!! but Zeus laid on my gear shift and threw it the hell into neutral MULTIPLE TIMES WHILE I WAS DRIVING

I’m really surprised that mix got the most notes on here, I’ve done fanmixes that haven’t gotten that? hhhmnmm I’m glad though